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Durable, water-resistant, and long lasting, Bullyboard is the best choice for trailer decking, dock and marine applications, livestock applications, chemical plants, fencing and railing, rot board, household decking, and more.

Chemical Plants

Used for matting, temporary sidewalks and decking where typical wood decking is currently being used.

Dock and Marine Applications

Can be used in underwater locations such as bulkheads and boat docks. Great for decking as well.

Fencing/ Railing

And any other exterior use that can be imagined.



Livestock Applications

Exterior uses can include rail fencing, cattle guard, trailer decking and stall construction among many other uses.

Rigorously Tested

 Flexural Modulus  ASTM D198   178,500 psi

Flexural Stress  ASTM D790   9,900 psi

Compressive Modulus  ASTM D143   79,165 psi

 Tensile Strength  ASTM D638   3,625 psi

Water Absorption  ASTM D570   0.8%

Coefficient of Friction  ASTM C1028

 Static – Dry: 0.6,  Sliding – Dry: .05,

Static – Wet: 0.6,  Sliding – Wet: 0.5


Made From Recycled Product

Rot & Splinter Proof

Insect Resistant

Slip Resistant Surface

Less Down Time

Workable with Typcial Hand Tools

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Impervious to Liquids

Chemical and Abrasion Testing

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